Getting closer to our goal!

Thanks to our supporters, our fundraising target of $40,000 is getting closer and closer!

Our finance team has been busy gathering cheques and dropping them off at the bank. Thank you so much for your support. It means so much to know we are part of a community that cares!

As of January 11, 2016 we have raised $31,215 from over 50 donors. Thank you!

Help us keep the momentum going so we can bring a family to safety early in the new year. We issue tax receipts for donations over $20. Online donations can be made on our Canada Helps site. We also accept cash, cheques, and e-transfers. To find out how to help, click on the “How you can help” tab.

Previous totals:
December 31, 2015 total of $30,615
December 24, 2015 total of $23,650.00
December 13, 2015 total of $19,437.00




Bridge to Guelph: Community & Unitarians Sponsoring Refugees


We are a group of two dozen Guelph residents committed to privately sponsoring a Syrian refugee family to settle in Guelph. Our goal is to help the family settle successfully through ongoing financial, logistical and emotional support so they can make Guelph their new home. Although we are not all Unitarians, we are working with the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph (UCG) as our Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH). Partnering with an established SAH shortens the time it takes to bring our refugee family to Guelph. Some of us are young parents, others of us are retired. We come from all walks of life. But we have one thing in common: a passionate response to the refugee crisis and a desire to do something.