Thanks to students at John McCrae Public School!

A huge thanks goes out to the John McCrae Public School community for generously purchasing candy cane grams by the hundreds in December! The Social Justice Club’s Candy Cane Fundraiser raised 665$ to help support a Syrian Refugee family starting a new life here in Guelph. Evan Stewart, a member of the Social Justice Club, presented Bridge to Guelph refugee sponsorship group representative Heather Callum with a cheque on Monday, January 18th.
Cheque from John McCrae Social Justice
The money raised by students at John McCrae will help Bridge to Guelph support the basic needs of a Syrian family of five over their first year in Guelph. The students had a chance to ask questions about the family and think about how they might like their funds to be used. Backpacks? Furniture? Food? Toys? Clothing? So many options for their money to be put to good use.

Thank you John McCrae Public School for your hard work and wonderful support!


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